Panorama View and Privacy - Comfortable Accommodations in Plain Nature

View from the access lane towards SALGADINHO

SALGADINHO - View upon arrival

SALGADINHO - View from the reception towards the swimming pool and over to the Monchique mountains

SALGADINHO - Rear view from the swimming pool to the accommodations: CASA PEIXE (right), CASA PAVÃO (left) and O MOINHO (only the top)

Access to the Mill Studio O MOINHO, passing the sun terrace

O MOINHO - Conservatory with dining table next to the entrance

O MOINHO - Entrance

O MOINHO - Ample view from inside the conservatory down to the Atlantic Ocean

Private poolside terrace pertaining to the Mill Studio O MOINHO

Entrance of CASA PAVÃO, the larger of the two modern clay houses (2-4 persons)

CASA PAVÃO - View from the private lawn towards the rear front with the conservatory

CASA PAVÃO - View down to the Atlantic Ocean from the conservatory and from inside the house

CASA PAVÃO - View from conservatory, the master bedroom and the private poolside sun terrace

CASA PAVÃO - Reflection of the sunset in the glass front of the conservatory

CASA PAVÃO - Panorama of sunset over the sea seen from almost everywhere inside and outside the house

CASA PAVÃO - Access to the swimming pool from the private sun terrace beside the pool

SALGADINHO - View over the water surface (swimming pool) during the cool season

SALGADINHO - View from inside pool last summer (2015)

SALGADINHO - View over the water surface (swimming pool) on a cloudy day in autumn or winter

SALGADINHO - Swimming pool in springtime

SALGADINHO - View of the swimming pool with wheelchair access

Parking place belonging to CASA PEIXE especially for guests in a wheelchair

SALGADINHO - In front of the reception

CASA PEIXE, the wheelchair-adapted modern clay house (2-3 persons)

CASA PEIXE - Front side with entrance door and windows of bathroom (left) and living room (right)

CASA PEIXE - Veranda seen from the sun deck

Sun deck of CASA PEIXE in front of the swimming pool with panorama view over the hills

CASA PEIXE - View of the water surface which integrates the swimming pool

SALGADINHO - View to the swimming pool from the upper common garden area

SALGADINHO - Panorama terrace "Miradouro"

SALGADINHO - Panorama terrace "Miradouro" with 360º round view over the mountains and down to the Altantic Ocean

SALGADINHO - View from the "Miradouro" panorama terrace to the barbecue in front and the lower common garden area with the willow

SALGADINHO - Romantic seat under the "roof" of the willow near the BBQ

SALGADINHO - Bicycles available in front of the reception

SALGADINHO - Swimming pool atmosphere during sunset over the ocean

SALGADINHO - Swimming pool at sunset with night illumination

SALGADINHO - View from the "Miradouro" panorama terrace to the BBQ and lower garden area at night

SALGADINHO - Panorama terrace "Miradouro" and BBQ at night

SALGADINHO - Illuminated swimming pool and "Miradouro" in a full-moon night

Full moon rising over the hills surrounding SALGADINHO

Sunrise in the hills seen from SALGADINHO

SALGADINHO - The Mill in sunrise atmosphere

SALGADINHO - Swimming pool at sunrise in summer

SALGADINHO - Swimming pool at sunrise in autumn and winter

SALGADINHO situated on the highest spot of the area, seen from the link road to SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA





 Get The Experience How This Can Be A Perfect Match


In SALGADINHO a modern ecological concept reconciles “Nature & Comfort”. The charming country house complex offers high-standard ecological accommodations that meet the demand for modern comfort even in a rural and natural setting. Each one has its particular style and individual interior decoration that pays attention to detail. All accommodations have full privacy also on the terraces and in the pertaining private outdoor space. 

The outdoor atmosphere is characterized by the panorama view over a completely natural landscape with sunrise over the hills and sunset over the ocean. The immediately surround­ing green space is almost like a botanical garden. The dominating feature is the 150sqm lake-style water surface that integrates the swimming pool. It is slightly heated through the excess from solar water heating. The wide and gradual access and non-slippery floor tiles make it easily accessible, even by wheelchair.

The ample  view over the landscape with sunrise over the hills and sunset over the ocean is marvelous, and the limitless star-twinkling night sky is a true experience, not only, but especially in the cooler season.

The pictures try to transmit the atmosphere of SALGADINHO, though it is not easy, but at least they tell more than words can do.



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