Plunge into Nature

Natural lake seen from the western end

Lotus on the lake

Natural lake seen from the eastern end

Peach tree blossoming near the lake

Three of our dogs


View to the lake side from the Pavilion of Café PERTO DO PARAÍSO

Ramp for wheelchair access to the Pavilion of Café PERTO DO PARAÍSO

Swan-goose (rare)

Animal gathering next to the Pavilion of Café PERTO DO PARAÍSO

Cactus garden with Mikesch

Biological horticulture

Swan lake (on the way to the guesthouse CASA CISNE)

Animal life on the swan lake

Swan in flight

Swan lake in front of the THAI-AYURVEDA SALA

Swan lake with black swan in the shelter

Black swan

Tadornia duck

Singing bird

Swimming pool in plain nature (in the former reservoir of the watermill)

Yucca tree in the garden (originating from a small indoor plant 16 years ago)

White peacock posing

Swan lake terrace in front of the THAI AYURVEDA SALA

Blossoming plum tree on the swan lake terrace

Peacocks on the roof of the parking lot

Portrait of beauty

Sunset seen from the swan lake terraceand the terraces of CASA CISNE

Night atmosphere on the swan lake terrace of Café PERTO DO PARAÍSO

Let's go, it's enough ...





Just a mile from the country house complex Salgadinho lies,hidden in a valley in plain National Ecological Reserve, our private nature paradise SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA.  It is a world apart where time seems to be on halt, with several hectares of typical Alentejo forest, dense vegetation with willows, medronho, cork and olive trees. The Cerrado creek and a large pond separate the forestfrom the cultivated parts with biological horticulture, fruit trees and chicken yard, and the tourisminstallations.  

The private valley is open to our  guests residing in Salgadinho, to to hikers and bikers from theRota Vicentina, passing equestrian tourists and local residents and guests from other hotels and guest houses.

Particular pride we take in making this unique and charming valley accessible, too, for visitors with reduced mobility including those depending on a wheelchair. And we welcome them with special attention and and care. Creating adequate paths and access to the major installations, is a long-term challenge, but there is good progress.

SELÃO DA EIRA is not only our home and the one of four dogs and three cats, but also the habitat of white and black swans, a large number of geese and ducks, and freely moving peacocks from our own nursery, and, of course, birds, fish,  water turtles and other animals that appreciate the peaceful natural environment .  During the summer months, you may watch a pair of Bonelli eagles circulating over the valley.

You find a number of patios and terraces scattered around the swan lakes and near the river, in addition to natural rest areas along the river and the shady pond. The terraces and a glass pavilion with fantastic views and animal observation points invite to relax in the tranquility of this unique atmosphere where the sounds of nature are the only “noise”. For children, the place is a huge adventure and natural playground with a lot to discover.

The Glass Pavilion is the centre point of our small open-air Café Natur  from where you may take snacks and drinks to any place you like, or you may order a Lunch or Picnic in Plain Nature, or even a Star-light Dinner.

In the private atmosphere of the Thai-Ayurveda Sala by the swan lake, our Thai daughter Kathi, a doctor of Thai Traditional Medicine, offers professional wellness and health treatment. Her individually adapted therapeutic Thai massages, relaxing Ayurveda oil massage, lymphatic drainage, “khua saa” immune system stimulation with buffalo horn, herbal hot packs, and other natural applications, and last but not least,  the “khua saa” facial beauty treatment with jade comb are highly appreciated by the customers from all walks of life, tourists and local residents alike.