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SELÃO DA EIRA is a nature tourism with quality accommodation in a diversified rural setting and recreation facilities in plain nature. Guests are welcome throughout the year, including four-pawed family members. Being wheelchair-bound is no handicap.

You meet a well-organized and relaxed atmosphere that offers tranquility and great privacy, and you may wish to discover the SELÃO DA EIRA secrets and the splendid natural landscape between the Atlantic Ocean and the Monchique mountains.

The ALENTEJO COAST with its mild and balanced sea climate and a mostly blue sky is a worthwhile ALL SEASON destination. At springtime, blossoming fields and cliffs intrigue with their colours and smells. In high summer, the diverse beaches are the major attraction, and beach life is the favorite, while in late summer and autumn, the beaches return to their natural beauty, the landscape turns green again, and lakes and rivers start to replenish their water. The winter season has a particular charme. Even a rainy day has atmosphere, and is followed by crisp air and a limitless high sky, deep-blue on a sunny day and star-twinkling at night.

The Offer

Some accommodations are perfect for a romantic hideaway, a relaxing break, or personal retreat, others are an ideal place for family gathering, meeting with friends, or group events.

Short stays and a week or two, or a month of holidays are possible throughout the year, long-term rentals at attractive special rates between September and April. The larger houses are like private homes and meet all conditions for a comfortable long-term stay, also for home-based working.

As the general atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, and all accommodation are easy to manage and mostly also easy to move around, seniors feel comfortable, and they also always find a helping hand or special service, if required.

Four of the eight houses are barrier-free and wheelchair-adapted, and so is the swimming pool in SALGADINHO and with some assistance the one in SÍTIO DAS ROLAS, too. 

Part of the Nature Paradise SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA is accessible by wheelchair, including the glass pavilion and a pathway in the river valley up to the barbecue terrace at the forest rim. 

Hopefully finally at Easter Easter 2022, the sportive minigolf course in SÍTIO DA ROLAS will be inaugurated, after a long pandemic-induced delay. The parcours is designed to be accessible and feasible also for players in wheelchair, and wheelchair-bound visitors will be able to drive around nd stay in the adjacent lake parque.

There are special conditions for tour operators offering individual travel experience as well as for special events in the exclusive nature environment, such asanniversary, home-style wedding, hen-do, or family gatherings.

You want to go hiking & biking, enjoy beach holidays, or explore nature through a variety of activities ? And still find authenticity in the local environment, life-style and people ? Or just need a time out for body, mind and soul ? Perhaps a "digital detox" ? Prefer healthy, vegetarian or vegan food ? Or get a treat of natural healthcare through  Traditional Thai Medicine and Ayurveda ?


There is a Single Place Where All This May Be Found






 Where Local Atmosphere and Cosmopolitan Style Converge    

into a Modern Rural Tourism


High-standard Ecological Accommodation in Plain Nature  <>  Tranquility and Privacy  <>  Windmill Studio - Modern Clay Houses - Spacious Family Homes & Studios <> Barrier-free Accommodation with Surroundings Accessible by Wheelchair  <>  Panorama View with Sunrise over the Monchique Mountains  and Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean <> Lake-style Swimming Pool Accessible in Wheelchair  <>  Sportive Swimming Pool with Diving Depth  <>  Barbecue <>  Soccer Lawn <> Pine Forest with Shady Trails and Picnic Spots 


Accessible in Wheelchair  -  Special Service for Guests with Special Needs

 Holidays that Make a Difference 


Reconciling Nature & Comfort


Aimed at reconciling nature and comfort, the nature tourism SELÃO DA EIRA is based on a modern ecological concept, which means that it is designed, developed and managed to achieve and maintain sustainability in terms of  its environmental and social impacts and the economic viability as small-scale and locally adapted rural tourism.

The country house complex SALGADINHO is almost a botanical garden and the adjacent  SÍTIO DAS ROLAS is a rural property with ample garden areas and a 4-hectare plantation of medronho trees. Both offer a panorama view over the landscape with sunrise over the hills and sunset over the ocean.The Nature Paradise SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA is a located about a mile apart in a forest valley in plain Ecological Reserve. In all places the star-twinkling night sky is a special experience. Each of the three sites has a distinct and unique atmosphere. Even though all the accommodations are completely surrounded by nature, all of them meet the standard of modern comfort, and there is a swimming pool in each of the three sites. The interior decoration has an individual touch and is different in each accommodation.

Excellence & Privacy


SELÃO DA EIRA - Turismo Rural no Alentejo qualifies as member of the international association SMALL ELEGANT HOTELS that promotes small-scale tourism places of excellence in special locations, which distinguish themselves by a charming character and great hospitality. Our offer is the experience of true nature tourism in combination with excellent accommodation that makes the guest feel at home. The atmosphere of tranquility, style and privacy make our three sites perfect to relax and revitalize. At the same time, they are a good base for hiking trips on the ROTA VICENTINA and day excursions in all directions. 

SALGADINHO - Stylish & Ecological 


The exclusive country house complex in a former windmill yard is an almost botanical garden with a great panorama view over the hilly landscape and down to the sea. The accommodations reflect ecological standards. All have modern amenities, individual interior decoration and private outdoor space. 

O MOINHO is a romantic studio inserted in the old windmill. CASA PAVÃO is the larger of the two modern clay houses with a conservatory with sea view. The veranda of CASA PEIXE lies in front of the lake-style swimming pool with mountain view. This house and the pool are accessible by wheelchair.  

SÍTIO DAS ROLAS  - Ample Space


The rural property adjacent to Salgadinho offers a wide panorama view down to the ocean that can be enjoyed from almost all corners inside and outside the houses. The modern and comfortable accommodations are surrounded by ample lawn and garden areas with a swimming pool for diving and a barbecue with sheltered dining area. The pine forest invites with shady trails and picnic spots.

The studio-type corner house CANTO DO SOL and the family homes CASA ALECRIM and SOBREIRINHO are spacious independent accommodations, but may be combined to create large houses for 10, 12 or 16 persons. The SOBREIRINHO is adapted for wheelchair.


Professional Thai-Ayurveda Treatment


The THAI-AYURVEDA SALA by the major swan lake is a calm and decent place to relax and replenish energy through natural treatment based on Thai-Ayurveda Traditional Medicine. Boonkerd, our gentle Thai daughter, is an experienced professional of Thai Traditional Medicine. She uses various massage techniques,herbal applications and "Gua Sa" with yak hornfor energy stimulation and muscle relaxation.



Nature Paradise


  Revitalize Body and Mind

by Getting in Touch with Nature 


Tranquility in a Nature Paradise <>  River Valley with Typical Alentejo Forest <> Unique Atmosphere <> Space for Meditation and Personal Retreat <>  Thai-Ayurvedic Health Care and Wellness Treatment  <>  Open-air Café with Local Snacks  <>  Special Treat for Vegetarians and Vegans  <>  Glass Pavilion in the Animal Zone <>  Terraces Scattered along the Swan Lake and the River <>  Natural Rest Areas along the Lotus Pond  <> One Guesthouse with Modern Facilities <> Swimming Pool Surrounded by Trees and Passing Peacocks <>  Charcoal BBQ and Traditional Stone Oven <> Natural Playground and Table Tennis for Children


Part of Our Nature Tourism Open to All  - Soon Accessible in Wheelchair

Located along the Rota Vicentina

Plunge into Nature


The river valley SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA in plain National Ecological Reserve is reached by branching off the ROTA VICENTINA, or coming from SALGADINHO and SÍTIO DAS ROLAS through an eucalyptus forest. Who gets there, is captured by the unique atmosphere and calls it "a paradise". 

Explore this place where nature sets the rules. Meet the roaming  peacocks, and get intrigued by the blend of ornamental plants, biological horticulture and Alentejano montado with cork and olive trees. Enjoy the smells and sounds along the river and the lakes, and find the traditional trails which we are recovering in the private forest.

Take a Snack Close to Paradise


The glass pavilion and various terraces and natural rest places along the swan lakes, the lotus pond and the river compose a unique recreation space for our residential guests as well as for hikers on the Rota Vicentina and other visitors.

Come and find out why this small open-air café with a very personalized service is PERTO DO PARAÍSO - close to paradise. Enjoy a drink and a local petisco, or a (non) vegetarian healthy snack in the company of peacocks, guinea fowls, geese and ducks

Stay Overnight in Plain Nature


True nature lovers who are not bothered by the cries of cocks and peacocks, will adore CASA CISNE, the only guesthouse in the valley. This accommo0dation allows to enjoy the comfort of ecological construction and modern amenities and, at the same time, experience the sounds of nature and the sparkling milkyway at night. During the day, peacocks and dogs pay visits to the private terraces for curiosity or a treat. Guests have the entire valley at their disposal including the glass pavilion, the terraces and natural rest places, the BBQ, the tradiotional stone oven, and the Yin-Yang swimming pool which is surrounded by trees. Hikers on the Rota Vicentina may plan, or spontaneously decide spending a night or two in this authentic Nature Paradise. 



Full of Secrets


             Get Captured by the Beauty of the Landscape,         

the Gentle People and  the Mild Climate


Pure Nature and Tranquility in the National Ecological Reserve between the Atlantic Ocean and the Monchique Mountains  <>  Sandy Beaches and Impressive Cliffs  <>  Blossoming Dunes and Birds the Natural Park of the Costa Vicentina <> Starry Sky  <> Small Villages and Gentle People  <>  Living Crafts and Fishermen Culture  <>  Tradition and a Still Authentic  Life Style


Discover Portugal along the Alentejo Coast

Enjoy the Slow Pace of Life and Great Hospitality

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