SELÃO DA EIRA offers the experience of true nature tourism as it combines ecological accommodation with great privacy, recreation facilities in plain nature, and the option for some natural healthcare. The surrounding nature makes it a special place with excellent conditions to relax and revitalize.

It is located on the Alentejo coast between the Atlantic Ocean and the gentle Monchique range, close to several beaches including Zambujeira-do-Mar and Odeceixe, and the rural town of São Teotónio, and a good base for day excursions and hiking on the "Rota Vicentina" and forest trails in the vicinity.


SELÃO DA EIRA is a place that reconciles conflicting desires for nature's tranquility and modern comfort, and where the blend of local and cosmopolitan styles creates a unique atmosphere in and around the accommodations and on three different sites.

Even though they are situated in plain nature, all the accommodations meet the standard of modern comfort with efficient heating, fully equipped kitchen, private bathrooms, good-quality WiFi and satellite TV.

Local and Cosmopolitan Styles Merge


Creating a Modern Rural Tourism

The houses are built to meet ecological standards, including excellent thermic insulation and passive climatization that dispenses air conditionning. Being used only natural and non toxic material, the indoor atmosphere is pleasant and hypo-allergic.

Some are perfect as romantic hideaway or for personal retreat, others are ideal for families, meeting with friends, or groups. The houses are like private homes with best conditions for long-term stays and home office.




Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

Design, development and management follow a modern ecological concept aimed at reconciling nature and comfort, to achieve and maintain sustainability in terms of environmental impact, social relevance and economic viability. 

The BIOSPHERE certificate recognizes SELÃO DA EIRA as "Sustainable and Responsible Tourism" in line with the United Nations sustainability goals "Horizon 2030”.




Comfortable Accommodation in Plain Nature

There are eight accommodations - two studios and six houses - in peaceful natural surroundings with modern facilities and distinguihed interior that offer great privacy and let the guests feeling at ease, even like being at home.



The former windmill yard SALGADINHO  transformed over the past years into a kind of botanical garden with a lake-style water surface that integrates the swimming pool. The exclusive country house complex can host 8-10 guests. The romantic studio MOINHO is inserted in the stone walls of the old windmill, while CASA PAVÃO and CASA PEIXE are modern clay houses built in the local taipa technique.

The ample view over the landscape and the panorama of sunrise over the hills and sunset over the ocean are as stunning as the sparkling night sky.



SÍTIO DAS ROLAS has three different zones. The accommodations in the upper part are surrounded by large lawn and garden areas which integrate the swimming pool and the sheltered barbecue. The public sports and leisure zone with minigolfe and a water parque (in development) lie further down, at a certain distance to the accommodations, adjacento to a four-hectare plantation of medronheiro trees.

The atmosphere in the six-hectare property is set by the unspoilt panorama view over the landscape, spectacular sunsets over the ocean and a limitless open night sky, seen from almost every corner inside and outside the houses. The individual accommodations CANTO DO SOL, CASA ALECRIM and SOBREIRINHO may be joined together to create larger houses for 10, 12 or up to 19 persons, respectively.



True nature lovers, who are not bothered about peacock cries, will adore staying in the Nature Paradise SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA and plunge into nature with its many sounds and smells and a sparkling milky way at night. CASA CISNE or CASA LAGO are independent accommodations, but may be joined to become one large house for exclusive rental for up to 9 persons.

The guests have the entire valley at their disposal, including the Yin-Yang swimming pool with terraces under cork, fig and orange trees, the BBQ next to the creek and the biogarden, the traditional stone oven, and the glass pavilion, terraces and natural rest which belong to the Esplanade.


Pets are Welcome

Pets are welcome to accompany their families. Especially the dogs normally feel like in haven in the natural environment and in the company of the “host dogs”. But there are also cats coming and even birds.




Accessibility and Inclusion

From the very beginning, a constant matter of concern has been how SELÃO DA EIRA could contribute that those depending on a wheelchair and their caretakers, and others with a seriously reduced mobility get the opportunity to spend holidays in natureor, at least, have a day out for recreation at open air.

This concern has been translated into accommodations with barrier-free access and adequate conditions to support autonomy, as much as possible, also in the surroundings, and it has led to seriously take into consideration aspects of accessibility and inclusion in the planning and creation of open-air recreation areas and activities.



CASA PEIXE in SALGADINHO and all three accommodations in SÍTIO DAS ROLAS are wheelchair-adapted in terms of access and functionality. Really detailed information may be obtained on request.

The swimming pool in SALGADINHO is directly accessible in the sanitary wheelchair which is available.

In SÍTIO DAS ROLAS gliding into the swimming pool from the terrace may be possible with assistance.

SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA is, above all, a recreation area in plain nature, and parts of this Nature Paradise are barrier-free, namely the trail between the creek and the lotus lake, and the Esplanade's pavilion and dining room with fireplace, including sanitary installations. Yet, there is no way to reach the two accommodations by wheelchair.

Getting the natural path at the forest rim between the lotus lake and the creek fully transitable in wheelchair up to the BBQ terrace directly by the creek with the water turtles, is an almost accomplished project.   

In September 2022, in SÍTIO DA ROLAS the sportive minigolf and adjacent water parque will be inaugurated. Both are designed to be accessible and feasible also for  wheelchair users.

Guests with reduced mobility receive support whenever requested




Getting in Touch with Nature

to Revitalize Body and Mind  


 Swimming Pools in Natural Setting

In SALGADINHO the infinity pool appears like a lake and offers a stunning view over the Monchique and down to the ocean. The transboarding pool in SÍTIO DAS ROLAS with nose-diving depth has plenty of terrace space with adjacent lawn and a view over down to the horizon. The peaceful Yin & Yang swimming pool in SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA lies at the forest rim surrounded by cork, fig and orange trees. Occasionally some peacocks pass by.

Pool quality is maintained regularlywith electrolyse treatment through magnesium or potassium. 

In SALGADINHO and in SÍTIO DAS ROLAS the pools change their appearance under the spectacular panorama of sunrise and sunset. All the swimming pools have night illumination.







Recreation in the Nature Paradise



Who gets to this forest valley in plain National Ecological Reserve, enters a world apart and is captured by the unique atmosphere, and sooner or later calls it "paradise".  In this place, nature sets the rules. Roaming peacocks appear everywhere. The swan lakes, the natural lotus pond, the creek and the surrounding natural forest compose a unique recreation space for the residential guests as well as for day visitors and hikers on the Rota Vicentina. 



Esplanade "Perto do Paraíso"

Find out why the café-esplanade with the glass pavilion, a venue with fire place, various terraces and natural rest places scattered around the swan lakes and betweeb the lotus pond and the creek deserves to be named "Close to Paradise".

Enjoy a drink, fresh juice or a healthy snack in the company of peacocks, guinea fowls, geese and ducks, or order a dinner according to your taste and preferences.





Natura Cura  -  Natural Healthcare


Thai Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda offer powerful tools that can help to relax, to replenish energy, and to improve ill physical conditions significantly.

The Thai Ayurveda Sala located in SÍTIO DAS ROLAS is a quiet and decent place where guests, like any interested person, may get a treat of natural healthcare and experience the benefits of so-called "Thai massage".

Thai Traditional Medicine, enriched by elements of Ayurveda, is a concept of body work that goes far beyond, and sometimes not even is, a simple massage, and only in case of certain indications requires the therapist to work with the feet on the patient's back.

Boonkerd Yindee, a gentle Thai therapist with decades of professional experience, including in hospital, masters a wide range oftechniques, including massage, bending and stretching, the combination with herbal applications, deep tissue pressure, oil treatment, and "Gua Sa" for energy stimulation and muscle relaxation.

Explanations on physical exercise, nutritional counselling and introduction to the benefits and essence of yoga and meditation are available on request.

 Natura Cura   -   Nature Cures




 Spending Time in Nature is the True Luxury in Modern Life

What are you looking for ? What do you desire ?

A romantic hideaway ? A peaceful atmosphere for a mental reset ? Escape for a while from the stress of modern lifestyle ? Privacy for family holidays ? Coming together with friends ? A place where to combine home office and relaxation ? A temporary home for a couple of months to "hibernate" in a mild climate ? Or are you a nomad worker ?

Do you depend on a wheelchair and have the desire to get in real touch with nature ?

Want to use your free time for holidays with elements of self-care, personal retreat ? Believe in the healing power of nature, and natural healthcare to revitalize body and mind ? Or tackle a more serious mobility constraint or blocked energy flow ?

Whatever led you to visit our site  -  take a little time and browse through the menu to discover what SELÃO DA EIRA has to offer in accommodation, atmosphere and recreation facilities in plain nature. And more certain than not, you will fall in love with the Alentejo coast that still has hidden secrets to be discovered.