Selão da Eira Velha - Nature Paradise

Hidden in a valley of the National Ecological Reserve, just a mile further down from Salgadinho, SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA surprises everyone who reaches there after a short drive or walk through eucalypus forest. It is a world apart where time seems to be on halt and the sounds of nature are the only “noise”.

The typical Alentejo forest with medronho, cork and olive trees and willows along the river, the Swan Lake and the Lotus Pond together with a dense vegetation of fruit trees, biological horticulture and ornamental plants compose a true Nature Paradise with a very special atmosphere. 

The valley is not only our home and the one of our dogs and cats, but also the habitat of white and black swans, geese and ducks and freely moving peacocks from our own nursery, and, of course, it has birds, fish, water turtles, and a natural yard with happy chicken.

SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA is integral part of our Nature Tourism. The guests from SALGADINHO and SÍTIO DAS ROLAS may come at any time. There is also one small guesthouse, a swimming pool surrounded by trees, charcoal barbecue and a traditional stone oven. For children, the valley is a huge adventure playground with a lot to discover.

Tourists from other places, hikers and bikers from the ROTA VICENTINA, equestrians, and - very much so - the local people are also welcome to enjoy the peaceful natural environment with a snack or drink from the Café, and anyone can book a Natural Health & Wellness Treatment.

With particular effort and pride we work to turn this charming valley of a former watermill into a local recreation area open to the public during most part of the year and also accessible in wheelchair.

Perto do Paraíso - Open-air Café

The Café is really "Close to Paradise", and it is not a normal café. Visitors may roam around and relax in the peaceful atmosphere of the valley, taking snacks and drinks to any place they like - one of the terraces and patios by the Swan Lake and the river, or the natural rest areas scattered along the Lotus Pond. The glass pavilion is a perfect retreat to read or listen to music.

PERTO DO PARAÍSO is open to anyone who loves nature and secret places. Special orders for special occasions are possible, and on request a lunch or picnic in plain nature, or a dinner under the twinkling night sky is prepared. Set dinner and lunch in the Pavillion is possible all-year round.

Thai-Ayurveda Sala - Natural Health Care

The THAI-AYURVEDA SALA by the swan lake offers natural health and wellness reatment. Our Thai daughter, a doctor of Thai Traditional Medicine, applies individually adapted therapeutic Thai massages, relaxing Ayurveda oil massage, herbal hotpacks, and "GuaSa" with yak horn for energy stimulation.




Casa Cisne - Overnight Stay in Plain Nature

CASA CISNE is the most special of the accommodations of our nature tourism, as it is the only guesthouse located in our Nature Paradise SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA, 1600m from SALGADINHO in a valley of the Ecological Reserve, where also we live. The valley has a very particular atmosphere with virgin Alentejo forest, a small river, swan lake and lotus pond, and freely moving peacocks, ducks and geese from our own raising. The sounds of nature and the animals are the only “noise”.

The guesthouse is really inserted in plain nature, not far from the swan lake. It is built according to ecological standards, and hence has a very pleasant natural climate inside, and modern amenities. The room has a French bed and dining table with comfortable chairs. The bathroom is directly attached, and has a shower. The TV satellite (ASTRA) has a large variety of channels. The kitchenette is well-equipped with a small refrigerator, micro-wave, mini-oven, electric plate, steam cooker, and all usual household appliances. The dish-washing machine in the nearby kitchenette of the Café may be used, and also the deep freezer and the big fridge for storage.

Internet through cell phone exists in the valley, but the quality and velocity depend on the device and on the weather, and sometimes can be unstable. But there is a stable WiFi internet connection in our house and on the adjacent terrace by the river.

There are three private terraces: The front patio is shaded by wine climbers and equipped with table and chairs and a “Hollywood” swing. The side terrace with a charming view to the natural lake and the forest is equipped with sun loungers under a shady tree, and the rear terrace is a real hideaway. Within the next days, awnings will be fixed on one of the terraces (I still have to try out which one best to choose). A small BBQ is there for exclusive use on the private terraces, but you may also use the large BBQ by the river and next to the bio garden, and the traditional stone oven.

Generally the guests in CASA CISNE have the entire space of SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA at their disposal, including the swimming pool. There are various places to choose, each with its own character and charme - patios and terraces by the lake and the river, natural corners under trees and sun-screens along the lotus pond, and the glass pavilion which is the centre piece of the open-air Café PERTO DO PARAÍSO (“Close to Paradise”).