Thai Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda

The "Thai Ayurveda Sala” is a space for retreat and recreation, and a core part of the NATURA CURA program.

In pandemic-free times, there are special offers in autumn, winter and spring to promote natural healthcare based on Thai Traditional Medicine and elements of Ayurveda, also including counselling on health nutrition and the importance of movement.

One part is open for guests to use a cross trainer, or have individual yoga or meditation.

The Thai Ayurveda Sala is located in SÍTIO DAS ROLAS, and has two sections.

In one section Boonkerd Yindee, a professional therapist with 15 years of clinical experience and altogether more than 30 years of practicing Thai Ayurveda provides individually adapted treatment like Thai massage and stretching, Ayurveda oil massage, Gua Sa energy stimulation and facial care and herbal applications.