Our Commitment

... The outdoor atmosphere is characterized by the panorama view over a completely natural landscape with sunrise over the hills and sunset over the ocean. The immediately surround­ing green space is almost like a botanical garden. The dominating feature is the 150sqm lake-style water surface that integrates the swimming pool. It is slightly heated through the excess from solar water heating. The wide and gradual access and non-slippery floor tiles make it easily accessible, even by wheelchair.

The ample  view over the landscape with sunrise over the hills and sunset over the ocean is marvelous, and the limitless star-twinkling night sky is a true experience, not only, but especially in the cooler season.



The continuous commitment for sustainability

21. Jun, 2021

"Biosphere" gets its own space on our website

Today, the first step has been taken to restructure our website in order to better highlight our commitment to sustainable tourism development and to share our vision and actions with former and future guests.

Yet, not only to keep you posted on what SELÃO DA EIRA is planning and oing, but also to sensitize travellers and nature lovers regarding the need, the possibilities and the challenges of creating and maintaining a small-scale rural tourism in sintony with the surrounding nature.

Everyone has to come to understand that "nature" is more than the green space around accommodations and resorts, that it is not just the backstage setting for relaxing holidays, that nature is complex, is mighty - and will hard hit on mankind, if too late we come to understand that nature has to be explored wisely and preserved carefully, if we want it to remain our lifeline and not transform into a chain of disaster.

Occasionally, we shall post a note on this page to let interested guests and travellers know how SELÃO DA EIRA is progressing in the BISOSPHERE certification, and to reflect what SUSTAINABILITY all is about in the context of tourism and travelling - in the dimensions of natural environment protection and management, social impacts, personal behaviour and, last but not least, the economic viability of responsible tourism that not only sells and explores, but also cares.