SELÃO DA EIRA - Turismo Rural no Alentejo offers the opportunity to get in touch with nature.

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the hilly landscape of the Monchique, the three sites - SALGADINHO, SÍTIO DAS ROLAS and the Nature Paradise SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA - benefit from a still largely unspoilt natural environment, including own forest and plenty of green and garden space. The Nature Paradise integrates in the National Ecological Reserve of the Alentejo coast. 

We consider ourselves a "nature tourism" and try to be sustainable. But what does this mean ? 



Everyone who already passed some time in a natural setting or spent holidays in a rural area, knows that nature can be soothing, relaxing, inspiring, balancing. Nature is a counterweight to the digital world and the pace of modern urban life. 

Yet, we have to come to understand that "nature" is more than the green space around accommodations and resorts, that it is not just the backstage setting for relaxing holidays, that nature is complex, is mighty - and will hard hit on our lives and living conditions on earth, if too late mankind will come to understand that nature has to be explored wisely and preserved carefully.

If we want nature to remain our lifeline and not to transform into a source of endless disaster, we have to consider the "sustainability issue" a very serious task of the present and future generations, and think and work hard on strategies and practices to make sustainable development a mainstream paradigm.  



SELÃO DA EIRA tries to develop and act in that consciousness, but when it comes to truly fundamental issues that impact on human life, economies and societies, the effects of individual action are less than a drop on a hot stone.

Therefore, as soon as we came to know about its existence, we whole-heartedly embarked on the BIOSPHERE concept, and are now about to complete the certification process. This embraces ecological, social and behavioural dimensions.


Biosphere takes the challenges of "Horizon 2030"

BIOSPHERE is an integral system of management, recognition and certification of a territory, destination, company, service or product, which through accompaniment and advice continously works towards achievement of the "Horizon 2030" sustainability objectives established by the United Nations.

BIOSPHERE pioneered in the sector, having been the first sustainability certification system to incorporate social and cultural issues (1998), the first one to value the sustainable efforts of a destination worldwide (2009), and the first to develop an online certification process (2015). Since 2017, BIOSPHERE is the first global sustainability certification system aligned with the general goals and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid down in the “Horizon 2030” Agenda of the United Nations.

BIOSPHERE© certification is awarded by the RESPONSIBLE TOURISM INSTITUTE (RTI), an independent body created in 1995 with UNESCO support with the aim of promoting tourism activities and programs at international level in destinations and companies according to the principles of sustainable development, and recognizing - through the BIOSPHERE brand - the contribution of the tourism sector in respect of:

  • the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations,
  • the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20;
  • the Guidelines of the Paris Climate Summit (COP21).

The BIOSPHERE standard hence is the application of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the tourism sector, through the analysis and indicators of the UNWTO, the EU indicators and the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) founded under the auspices of the United Nations Foundation.

Compiled from information available in https://www.biospheretourism.com


News on our Sustainability Development

Occasionally, we shall post a note to let interested guests and travellers know our progress in the BIOSPHERE certification and in our SUSTAINABILITY development, and also to share what this means in the context of tourism and travelling, namely with regard to natural environment protection and management, social impacts, changes in behaviour and, last but not least, as regards the economic viability of a responsible tourism that does not only sell and explore, but also cares.

21. Jun, 2021

Biosphere gets its own space on our website

Today, the first step has been taken to restructure our website in order to better highlight our commitment to sustainable tourism development, including the BIOSPHERE certification, and to share our vision and actions with former and future guests. Not only to keep you posted on what SELÃO DA EIRA is planning and doing, but also to sensitize travellers and nature lovers regarding the need, the possibilities and the challenges of creating and maintaining a small-scale rural tourism in sintony with the surrounding nature.

16. Oct, 2021

Biosphere certification schedule

Our BIOSPHERE certification process has entered its final stage, with the evaluation being terminated during this month, and the certification ceremony being scheduled to take place on 17 November, 2021.