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The ALENTEJO COAST with its mild and balanced sea climate and a mostly blue sky is a worthwhile destination in ALL SEASONS. In spring, blossoming fields and dunes and impressive cliffs intrigue with their colours and smells. In summer, the sandy beaches are the major holiday attraction. But in the golden summer and autumn, they regain their natural beauty, and the landscape turns green again. The winter months have a particular charme, when lakes and rivers replenish their water. Even a rainy day has atmosphere, and is followed by crisp air and a limitless high sky, deep-blue on a sunny day and star-twinkling at night.

You find pure nature and tranquility in the National Ecological Reserve between the Atlantic Ocean and the Monchique Mountains, birds the Natural Park of the Costa Vicentina, a cristal clear starry night sky, villages with gentle people, living crafts and fishermen culture.

On the Alentejo coast, despite the development of intensive agriculture for export, tradition and an authentic local life Style still are predominant. 

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