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Feel free to contact us on whatever question you may have. You will never receive an automatic reply. The response is personal and as prompt as possible, either by Cornelia or Tiago, on any inquiry, including

- Details on any of the sites or a particular accommodation, or on the swimming pools,

- Conditions for reservation,

- Cancellation policy,

- Accessibility issues and details relevant for wheelchair users,

- Special conditions for long-term stays and home office,

- Group arrangements or special events,

- Esplanade "Perto do Paraíso" (opening and reservation),

- Facilities for open-air recreation and related acitivities,

- "Natura Cura" and the Thai Ayurveda Sala for natural healthcare

- Possibly ongoing or upcoming promotions.



Use the message box below to check availability and ask for reservation.

If you are uncertain about the suitability of your preferred accommodation, you may send a brief note indicating the size and composition of the traveling group, namely how many couples, single adults, and children and their age.


Communication in English, Portuguese, German and Thai receives a fluent reply.

Contact also may be in Spanish and French, which we understand well. However, we do not have adequate skills to give a qualified response, and hence, our reply will be in English, Portuguese or German, as per your convenience.


If you wish to talk directly, do not hesitate to contact us under the following numbers:

CORNELIA KUHNLE (management and reception)

+351 283 959 173 (land line) & +351 911 810 617 (mobile, best via WhatsApp)  - Late night and early morning calls are no problem

TIAGO MIGUEL (administration and reception)

+351 968 894 878 (mobile, also via WhatsApp)


The ongoing restructuring of our website still will take some time until full completion. It may happen that some parts are removed and not yet substitutes, or not yet properly done. This might affect the display of the sites and accommodations, the recreation facilities and the Thai Ayurveda Sala.

To mitigate this adverse effect, we created three digital photo albums, on SALGADINHO, SÍTIO DAS ROLAS and SELÃO DA EIRA VELHA, and the respective accommodations.

Do not hesitate to request any one or all three of these albums, or just the photos of one or more specific accommodation(s). It will be sent to your mail address via WeTransfer or TransferXL.



You may find some or all of our accommodations on the following platforms: - SALGADINHO only (multilingual) - All 8 accommodations individually (multilingual) - All 3 sites with the respective accommodations (Portuguese, and automatic translations) - All 3 sites with the respective accommodations (English) - All 3 sites with the respective accommodations (Dutch) - General presentation with all accommodations (German) under preparation - All 3 sites with the respective accommodations and emphasis on ecological criteria (Italian, translation)



We are deliberately restrictive as regards social media advertising. The existing Facebook account is not actively used. The same applies to Instagram. We never registered on Twitter.

The professional profile of CORNELIA KUHNLE, the manager and co-owner, is published in LINKED-IN, including some information about SELÃO DA EIRA and its history.



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